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Transfer Google Cloud projects manually

Please follow the below steps to switch your Google Cloud projects to use DoiT-provided billing account.


Please mind the Google Marketplace note.


To follow this tutorial, your Google Cloud account must have the following permissions:

Please get in touch with your organization's Google Cloud administrator for help with your account permissions.

The steps

  • Click on Manage
  • The list of your Google Cloud projects currently linked to this billing account will be displayed. For each of the projects, click on the three-dots menu and select "Change billing"
  • In the popup modal, please select the new billing account provided to you by DoiT International
  • Repeat for each projects on the list

Within an hour, your transferred projects will appear in DoiT Cloud Management Platform.


I can't change billing for the projects listed

To change billing account for a project you need to have proper permissions on the project itself. Usually having Billing Account Administrator on your whole Google Cloud Organization or the project in question is enough.

While trying to select a new Billing Account no DoiT billing accounts appear on the list

Make sure you have access to the target Billing Account. To verify, please go to and check if your name is on the list:

If it's not, please contact one of the persons who are on the list to add you.