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Cloud Analytics

Cloud Analytics allows you to build reports and share them with your team. Group resources and their associated costs with custom attributions, detect and analyze trends, forecast your cloud spend, and manage your budgets.

Rightsizing for Google Cloud

Rightsizing for Google Cloud monitors resources across all of your projects and makes automatic cost-savings recommendations. Identify and deal with idle VMs in two clicks. Never pay for underutilized instances again.


Flexsave is your cloud co-pilot, dynamically maximizing your cloud-compute discounts for AWS and Google Cloud without any of the risks or limitations of long-term use commitments.

BigQuery Lens

BigQuery Lens is your Swiss Army knife for highlighting inefficiencies in your BigQuery usage. Zero-configuration analytics and smart recommendations for your database administrators.

AWS Lens

AWS Lens provides full visibility into your cloud finances with a configurable analytics dashboard that allows you to monitor operations and optimize costs.

Spot scaling

Spot Scaling proactively monitors your AWS Auto-Scaling Groups (ASGs), and uses sophisticated machine learning to replace some or all of an ASG's on-demand EC2 instances with Spot Instances.

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Our technical support team and cloud reliability engineers are available 24 hours a day. We publish our live stats so you can see how we're doing.