Anomaly Detection
Escalate support requests
Escalation allows you to raise a ticket to a higher priority
You may escalate a support request for any reason.
From within the CMP, select Services from the top navigation bar, then select Consulting and support:
A screenshot showing the Consulting and support page
By default, the Consulting and support page shows you a list of all your current request tickets. You can use the Filter tickets input field to filter the list of tickets.
Find and select the ticket you want to escalate. Then, from the ticket page, select the ESCALATE button in the top right-hand corner.
You will not see an ESCALATE button when viewing another user's ticket (see ticket sharing). Please contact the original user or reach out to your account manager for further assistance.
When escalating a ticket, the CMP will prompt you to select a reason:
  • Long Resolution Time
  • Business Impact
  • Technical Expertise
  • Other
After selecting the escalation reason, you may add a comment if you wish to provide more information about why you are escalating the ticket.
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