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Consulting and support

DoiT International provides unlimited consulting and support for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, our Cloud Management Platform.

As a customer, you are not limited to any number of tickets or by how much time DoiT International invests in supporting you as a client.

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For more information about the services we offer, please visit the Services page on our main site.

View tickets

From within the CMP, select Services from the top navigation bar, then select Consulting and support:

By default, the Consulting and support page lists all of your current request tickets. You can use the Filter tickets input field to filter the list of tickets.

If there are any current cloud incidents, they will be displayed above the list of tickets, as shown in the screenshot above in yellow.

You can use the gear menu in the top right-hand corner of the page to enable ticket sharing or manage the default email CC.


When you first visit the Consulting and support page, your browser may prompt you to allow notifications. If you select Allow, the CMP will notify you whenever one of your tickets (or a ticket you are CCed on) is updated.

Create a new request


For simple questions and trivial requests, you can skip the ticket creation process (below) and, instead, send a message to your shared Slack channel for a quick response from our engineering or support staff.

Select the NEW REQUEST button (shown in the previous screenshot) to create a new consulting or support request.

After selecting NEW REQUEST, the CMP will take you through the steps of creating a new request:

  1. Select the Cloud Platform, Product, and Resource so that we can route your ticket to the most appropriate engineer.


    The CMP will display a list of any current incidents related to the cloud platform you select during this step.

    If one of the current incidents appears to be related to your request, you may still open a ticket with DoiT International. However, likely, we are already working with the cloud vendor to address the issue.

  2. Select the severity of your request. Each severity level corresponds with a target response time:

    • General Guidance Four hours
    • System Impaired Two hours
    • Production System Impaired One hour
    • Production System Down 30 minutes
  3. Write a descriptive subject, add any additional CCs to the ticket, and provide a complete description of your request.


    In some cases, the CMP may automatically add your cloud vendor representative (e.g., account manager or customer engineer) to the list of Additional CCs. Please feel free to remove their email addresses if you do not wish to copy them on your ticket.

At any point, select the BACK button to return to a previous step.

To complete your request, select the SUBMIT button.