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Perks are service-based benefits available on-demand for DoiT International customers at no extra cost, including promotions, special offers, and price packages.

View offers

From within the CMP, select Services from the top navigation bar, then select Perks:

The Perks page shows you a list of all the currently available offers your team can request. Select the VIEW OFFER button to see more details.

Request a perk

After selecting the VIEW OFFER button, the CMP will take you to a page with details of the perk:

To request the perk for your team, select the REQUEST PERK button in the top right-hand corner.

After selecting REQUEST PERK, the CMP will display a status message and email you to confirm your request.

All perk requests result in a support ticket, and we will contact you with more information. Please feel free to use the support ticket to ask any questions you may have.

Watch this bite-sized video for a closer look at training, professional services, and perks: