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Log in to the CMP
How to log in and access the Cloud Management Platform


In order to access the Cloud Management Platform (CMP), you have to sign in with your Google, Microsoft, or email account. If your company uses Google G Suite (now Workspace) or Microsoft Office 365, we recommend signing in with your Google or Microsoft identity.
Otherwise, if you don't have a Google or Microsoft account and this is your first time signing in, please click the 'SIGN UP' button and fill in your email and a password of your choice. Once you verify your email account, you will be able to sign in with your email and the selected password.

Log in using Microsoft Accounts

When using sign in with Microsoft for the first time, the organization admin must sign themselves in to CMP and grant admin consent for CMP to read user info (e-mail addresses, etc.) for their org. Eg shown below:
A screenshot of the Microsoft permission request dialog

Log in using Google Accounts

When using sign in with Google for the first time, admin consent should not be needed unless it is specifically configured that way by the organization.

Log in using Email and Password

A screenshot of the CMP login page
Click on the 'Forgot password?' button if you need it, and you will be prompted to follow the instructions.
"Please check your inbox for a password reset email"
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