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Cloud Perks are special benefits available to you as DoiT International customer.
Perks are service-based benefits available to DoiT International customers at no extra cost, including workshops, training, cost optimization sessions, case studies, and co-produced webinars. They can easily be browsed and requested on-demand from within the CMP. Let's go over how that is done.

Accessing Perks

Access your Perks library via the Perks icon on the left-hand navigation panel.
A screenshot showing the location of the Perks menu item
In the Perks library, you will find a list of all of the available Perks your team can request. For each Perk, you will see the:
    Name of the perk
    Platform(s) the perk is applicable to (AWS, Google Cloud, etc.)
    Perk type
    Perk description
    "Learn More" link

Requesting a Perk

To request a Perk, first, click on the "Learn More" link associated with the selected perk's card. Following that, you will see the following information associated with the selected perk:
    Full Perk description
    Prerequisites (if any exist)
    Modules that make up the perk with accompanying description(s)
To request the perk for your team, click on the "Request Perk" button at the top-right corner of the Perks page.
A screenshot showing the location of the Request Perk button
After a few seconds, you will see the following message on the lower-left corner of your screen if the request is successful:
"Your request is submitted. We'll reach out to you during the next 48 hours"
Additionally, you will receive an email confirming that your request has been received.
Once requested, a ticket will be automatically created in Zendesk and assigned to the DoiT International engineer(s) that will administer the Perk.
In the ticket, you and the engineers will arrange a suitable time for the workshop, training, or pro-serv to take place. Finally, any questions you have prior to the start date can be asked here.
View the bite-sized video below for a closer look at viewing and requesting Perks.
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