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Export Cloud Analytics Reports
You can export the data from Cloud Analytics Reports to various formats, according to your needs.
You have four options when exporting your Cloud Reports:
    Export as PNG
    Export as PDF
    Export to CSV
    Export to Google Sheets
Required Permissions: Cloud Analytics

Exporting to PNG or PDF

To access your export options, click on the hamburger menu at the top-right corner of your Cloud Report.
Finally, once you click on an option, a download will begin and you will receive your exported report after a few seconds.
A screenshot showing you the location of the hamburger menu

Exporting to CSV or Google Sheets

To export to Google Sheets or CSV, click on the "View As" dropdown and select either the "Sheets Export" or "CSV Export" options, respectively.
A screenshot showing you the location of the export options

Export to Google Sheets

If this is your first time exporting a Cloud Report to Google Sheets, you will be asked to give CMP permission to create Google Drive files.
A screenshot showing you the ALLOW button
Once you've selected your email account, click on "Export" to view your Cloud Report in Google Sheets.
A screenshot showing you the EXPORT button

CSV Export

After selecting the "CSV Export" option, a textbox will appear with your report's information ready to be copied by you.
A screenshot showing you the results of a CSV Export
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