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Add a New G Suite Subscription
Add new subscriptions to your existing G Suite or Google Workspace account with DoiT International
If you would like to purchase a new G Suite subscription, you can do so through the Cloud Management Platform.
Required Permission: Assets Manager
Please note that you must be assigned access to the specific Billing Profile under which the domain is managed in order to purchase a new subscription.
From the main dashboard please select 'Manage Licenses & Assets'.
"Manage Licenses & Assets"
Another way to access the G Suite based Assets is via the menu on the left-hand side of the page and clicking on Assets.
A screenshot showing the location of the G Suite menu icon
Once you're at the Assets page, switch to the G Suite tab and click on 'New Subscription'.
A screenshot showing the location of the G Suite tab
Select the domain for which you're adding a subscription and click 'Next'.
A screenshot showing the domain selection drop-down menu
Select the Subscription/License and quantity you'd like to order.
A screenshot showing the license and quantity selection drop-down menu
Lastly, review your order summary and, if you approve, click 'Submit'
A screenshot showing the review screen and Submit button
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