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Shared Slack channel

We encourage you to create a shared Slack channel with DoiT International so that you have 24/7 access to our industry-leading team of Cloud Reliability Engineers (CREs), Cloud Architects, and Support Engineers.

You can use the shared Slack channel to ask questions or make requests:

  • We will try to respond to you within fifteen minutes.

  • We will deal with simple questions and trivial requests on the spot.

  • If more investigation or work is needed, we will prompt you to create a support request so that we can switch to an asynchronous workflow.


The DoiT app for Slack and the shared Slack channel are two different components of the CMP. They can be enabled or disabled independently.

Create your shared Slack channel

To create a shared Slack channel:

  1. Log in to both the CMP and Slack.

  2. In the CMP, select the gear icon () from the top navigation bar, then select Slack in the Account settings section.

  3. On the Slack page, select Create shared Slack Channel.

  4. Follow the instructions to create the channel.

Configure your shared Slack channel

After creating your shared Slack channel, you can configure the channel from the same Slack page.

In the example screenshot below, there is a shared channel named #cmp-playground-com. You can copy the link of the Slack channel and share it with others to invite them to the channel.


You can configure the CMP to send notifications to the shared Slack channel about:

  • Google Cloud or AWS Known Issues: Get notified about cloud incidents.

  • Cost Anomalies: Get notified when our system detects abnormal usage of your cloud platform.

  • Google Cloud and AWS Quotas Utilization Alerts: Get alerted when your cloud platform quota utilization exceeds 80%.

  • Daily Cost Digest: Get a daily digest with an optional filter for cost attributions.

The shared Slack channel configuration options will be saved automatically whenever you make a change.