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Get your savings estimate for Google Cloud Platform

Discover how much you could be saving on your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud spend.

DoiT Flexsave helps businesses manage and optimize their on-demand Google Cloud compute savings. This solution can be deployed in your own environment to help ensure that on-demand compute workloads can be covered by Committed Use Discounts without the challenges of commitment management or forecasting.

Flexsave delivers the equivalent savings of a 1-year commitment without the commitment! There's no reservation management needed, no costs to enable, and guaranteed savings on all covered workloads.

Create a DoiT account

You need to create a DoiT account before we can calculate your savings estimate.

Create your DoiT account by following these steps:

  1. Sign up for your estimate.

  2. Follow the instructions on the sign up page to create a DoiT account.

    You can use a Google account, a Microsoft account, or an email address and password to sign up for the estimate.

    1. Select the I agree to the terms of the policy agreement checkbox

    2. Select Create Account

    3. If you used an email address to sign up, you will receive an email with a link to verify the email address you provided. After verifying the email, you'll be directed to the log-in page.

      If you signed up using Google or Microsoft, you will be logged in immediately and you do not have to verify your email address.

Create your savings estimate

Once signed in, the sign-up flow will present you with the option to select your cloud provider. Select the Google Cloud Platform to proceed.

On the next screen, the sign-up flow will present you with a three step process. The first step is to get your estimate, so select GET ESTIMATE to proceed.

To calculate your potential savings, you will need to grant some permissions to let us fetch the data we need, as explained below.

  1. Fill in your organization ID on the estimate page.

    See Google Cloud Docs for help finding your organization ID. The code snippets will be updated automatically once the organization ID is provided.

  2. Open the Google Cloud Shell, copy the command code snippets and run them in sequence in the shell.

    1. Create a custom role named DoiT Flexsave Role in your organization:

      gcloud iam roles create doit_flexsave_role \
      --organization $ORGANIZATION_ID \
      --title="DoiT Flexsave Role" \
      --stage=GA \

      This command grants the custom role the following permission:

      Allows to view resource-based committed use discount recommendations using Google's CUD recommender
    2. Add an IAM policy binding to associate the doit_flexsave_role role to the service account.

      gcloud organizations add-iam-policy-binding $ORG_ID \
      --member=serviceAccount:$DoiT_service_account_email \
  3. Select the View my estimate button to see the estimation result.

Your savings estimate

The estimate is based on the following factors:

  • Your last month's cloud bill.
  • The most commonly used resources and regions among DoiT customers.
  • An assumed annual growth rate of 0-5%.

When you're ready, select RETURN TO HOME to review the steps needed to activate Flexsave.