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Flexsave overview

Flexsave is your cloud co-pilot, dynamically maximizing your cloud-compute discounts for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Compute Platform (GCP) without any of the risks or limitations of long-term use commitments.

In most cases, save the equivalent of a 1-year commitment discount on your cloud-compute spend with on-demand access to DoiT International's wholesale inventory of AWS Savings Plans (SPs), AWS EC2 Reserved Instances (RIs), and GCP Committed Use Discounts (CUDs).


  • No commitment AWS and GCP provide cloud-compute discounts (SPs, RIs, and CUDs) with mandatory commitment periods lasting one year or more. Flexsave provides the same cloud-compute discounts with no commitments.

  • No risk Flexsave provides on-demand access to DoiT International's wholesale inventory of SPs, RIs, and CUDs. We handle capacity planning and bear the risk of underutilization, meaning you don't have to.

  • Zero cost Flexsave costs nothing, there are no hidden fees, and you are guaranteed to save money. We optimize our bulk purchasing, so, in most cases, we can afford to pass on the equivalent of a 1-year commitment discount for any SPs, RIs, and CUDs in our wholesale inventory.

  • Easy to use Flexsave runs on auto-pilot, continually applying the optimum cost-saving strategy to your account. You can enable or disable Flexsave whenever you like.

How it works

Flexsave uses your GCP and AWS billing data to track your on-demand resource utilization, analyze patterns, detect trends, and predict seasonal variations.

Flexsave will attach the ideal blend of DoiT International's wholesale SPs, RIs, and CUDs to your billing account. As your resource utilization changes, Flexsave will continually readjust the configuration of attached SPs, RIs, and CUDs to maximize your potential savings.

We will automatically convert your Flexsave savings to account credits and deduct them from your monthly invoice.

Start saving

Within the CMP, select Savings from the top menu bar, then select Flexsave from the drop-down menu. If Flexsave isn't active, the CMP will take you to the Flexsave start page:

At the top of the screen, you can see:

  • Your estimated savings rate (based on your on-demand spend history)
  • Your estimated monthly savings as a result of using Flexsave
  • Your estimated monthly on-demand spend after applying your Flexsave discount

To enable Flexsave, select the START SAVING button on the bottom left-hand corner of the page.


Required permissions: Flexsave Admin

Default roles with this permission:


Customers should expect to see some changes in their AWS Console or Google Cloud Console after enabling Flexsave:

  • AWS customers with dedicated billing accounts will see AWS accounts with 3-year Saving Plans and names like fs-xxxxx attached to your AWS organization. See the AWS FAQ for more information.

  • GCP customers will see projects with 3-year committed use discounts and names like doitintl-fs-xxxxxxx attached to your billing account. See the GCP FAQ for more information.

Monitor your savings

Within the CMP, select Savings from the top menu bar, then select Flexsave from the drop-down menu. If Flexsave is active, the CMP will take you to the Flexsave dashboard:

In the example screenshot above, Flexsave for GCP has only been active for one and a half months and has already saved the customer a total of $248,145 on their on-demand cloud-compute spend so far.

In the top-right hand corner of the screen, a Time range drop-down menu allows you to select the time range you want to view. Above the bar chart, the CMP displays three essential statistics for the specified time range:

  • Time range savings rate The effective discount applied to your on-demand spend
  • Time range savings Your savings as a result of using Flexsave
  • Time range net On-Demand spend Your net on-demand spend after applying Flexsave discount

In the bar chart shown above:

  • The dark blue area of each bar represents the net GCP on-demand spend for that month
  • The light blue area of the bar represents the on-demand spend you would have paid without Flexsave
  • The shaded regions represent forecasted numbers based on the current usage patterns



On your monthly invoices, you will see a line item for Flexsave credits with information like this:

  • Description: Flexsave Savings
  • Units: -1
  • PPU: $206,967.51

Because Units is always set to -1 (indicating a credit), the Flexsave Price Per Unit (PPU) amount is subtracted from your total spend.

Here's an abbreviated example:

Google Cloud1$574,813.82$574,813.82
Flexsave Savings-1$206,967.51-$206,967.51



These frequently asked questions (FAQs) apply to Flexsave in general.

For general platform-specific information, see:

How much can I save?

In most cases, your savings will be equivalent to (or higher than) the applicable AWS Convertible Reserved Instance 1-year Full Upfront or 1-year Google Committed Use Discount.

How is using Flexsave better than purchasing discounts directly from AWS or GCP?

To receive a discount when purchasing directly from AWS or GCP, you must commit to at least one year of consistent usage.

Flexsave does not require any commitments, allowing you to adapt your workload and machine types to suit your changing needs without the hassle of capacity planning and the risk of under or over-provisioning.

Why don't I see the option to enable Flexsave?

Flexsave will be unavailable if either of the following is true:

  • You recently connected your AWS or GCP account, and we haven't finished importing and processing your billing data.
  • You do have not yet met the minimum seven days of qualifying on-demand spend needed for Flexsave to begin analyzing your resource utilization.

If we are still importing and processing your billing data, you can instead select the NOTIFY ME button to receive an update when Flexsave is available.


At this time, we only support Flexsave for AWS customers with billing accounts consolidated with the DoiT International billing organization.

Can I turn off Flexsave?

You can disable Flexsave at any time. If you want to disable Flexsave, please create a new request for our support team.

Contact us


If you have additional questions about Flexsave, please contact our support team.