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User Permissions Explained
User Permissions designate the type of access given to users that enables them to access specific resources within the Cloud Management Platform.
Raising support or consulting requests doesn't require any permission or role.

Available Permissions

Anomalies Viewer

    Access Cost and Usage Anomalies

Assets Manager (previously Licenses Manager)

    View and Manage assets, including managing licenses
    Purchase additional licenses and subscriptions for G Suite
    Purchase additional licenses and subscriptions for Office 365
    Create new AWS accounts
    Invite existing AWS accounts
    Create new Google Cloud billing accounts

Attributions Manager

    Create, delete and manage attributions

Billing Profile Admin

    Create, view and manage billing profiles
    Update Payment Methods, Address, Accounts Payable, Invoice Settings

Budgets Manager

    Create, delete and manage budgets

Cloud Analytics

Contracts Viewer

    Provides access to the commercial contracts

Flexible RI Admin

Invoice Viewer

    View and pay invoices

Issues Viewer

    Access to cloud outage information

Users Manager

    Create Users
    Update Users
    Remove Users

Settings Manager

Perks Viewer

    Access and request Perks

Sandbox Admin

Sandbox Viewer


    Access to superQuery IDE
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