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Support or Advisory Requests
Get world-class advisory and technical support from DoiT International
DoiT International provides unlimited advisory and technical support for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. As a customer, you are not limited to any number of support requests or how much time DoiT International invests in supporting you as a client. To open a support request with us, please file a ticket as instructed in this article.
New support or advisory request can be filed by clicking on the 'Access Support' from the home page, or from the menu on the left-hand side of the page.
Start with logging into the Cloud Management Platform and then click "Access Support":
A screenshot showing the location of the Support menu item and the Access Support section
By clicking on 'Allow' to show you notifications, the Cloud Management Platform will notify the requester (and anyone that is CC'd) each time an update is made to your support request.
A screenshot showing you the Allow notifications modal dialog
Once you are on the support page, click 'New Request' to create new support or advisory ticket.
A screenshot showing the location of the New Request button
You're now on the creation page of the ticket. Choose your Cloud Platform, Product, Resource, and according to your selections, please choose the appropriate field (AWS Account/Google Project ID/G Suite Domain/Office 365 Domain/Azure Tenant) so we can route the ticket to the most appropriate engineer.
Note that we will also display any Known Issues related to the cloud platforms you use. If one of the known issues displayed looks to be related to the service issues you're experiencing, it's fine to open a ticket with DoiT International but it is likely we are already working together with the cloud vendor engineers on whichever cloud platform the issue is arising from.
A screenshot showing the display of known issues
It is essential to be specific when choosing the Severity of your request, as each issue has a dedicated response time for the support team:
    General Guidance = 4 hours
    System Impaired = 2 hours
    Production System Impaired = 1 hour
    Production System Down = 30 minutes
Fill in the details of the issue with a clear Subject, relevant folks CC'd, and a full description.
Once ready, click Submit.
A screenshot of a completed ticket form and the location of the Submit button
Please note that in some cases, your cloud vendor representative such as an account manager or customer engineer can be automatically copied on your request. If you do not wish to copy the vendor representative, please remove the vendor's email address from the "Additional CCs" list.
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