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Read-Only Access to GCP
how to securely grant DoiT International access to your Google Cloud project
DoiT International is committed to access transparency and access approval. When you open a technical support request with DoiT International, we may need to access your Google Cloud project so we could help you in the most effective way.

Important to Know

    Your Google Cloud project is not accessed for any reason other than to fulfill contractual obligations
    Valid business justification required for any access by our engineering personnel
    Approve or dismiss requests for DoiT employees access, working to support your service

How does it work?

When you request technical support and create a new service request with DoiT International, you will be offered to grant DoiT International engineer read-only access to the Google Cloud project set in your request.
A typical access grant is implemented with a gcloud command (part of Google Cloud SDK). The access is always read-only, limited, and provided only to DoiT International engineers that are handling your request.
gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding cassandra-db-prod-289507 \
--member="group:[email protected]" \
--role=roles/viewer --condition=None
For example, the above command, grants read-only access (--role=roles/viewer) to a group of engineers assigned with request #38432 ( --member="group:[email protected]") to your Google Cloud project cassandra-db-prod-289507.
We will generate the command for you automatically and display it to you on the support center user interface.
A screenshot showing a modal dialog displaying an auto-generated command

Revoke Access

For information security reasons, once the ticket is resolved, the access is automatically revoked. Next time you will create a request, you will need to provide DoiT International with access again.
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