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Known Issues
Get access to the known infrastructure issues with Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services ahead of time
Known Issues are defined as any faults or defects in Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure services that may be impacting the performance or availability of your applications.
Any known issues from these platforms are displayed on the Known Issues page, accessible via the left-hand navigation bar in the CMP.
A screenshot showing the location of the Known Issues menu item
In the event that one or more of your cloud services aren't functioning as they normally do, before opening a ticket with DoiT International we recommend you check the Known Issues page.
If one of the known issues displayed looks to be related to the service issues you're experiencing, then opening a ticket with us is not advised. It will likely have to be resolved by the engineers on whichever cloud platform the issue is arising from.
A screenshot showing a list of known issues
Should you want to filter through Known Issues, click on the filter button near the search box.
A screenshot showing how to filter known issues
If you'd like to learn more about a particular Known Issue, then click on the VIEW button corresponding to the issue to see a detailed description.
A screenshot showing the details of a known issue
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