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Set Accounts Payable Contact
Make sure your accounts payable (AP) contact in Cloud Management Platform is updated.
You can update the Accounts Payable information for your organization using the Cloud Management Platform. The information is used for billing and invoicing purposes.
Required Permissions: Billing Profile Admin
Please note that you must be assigned access to the specific Billing Profile under which the domain is managed in order to purchase a license.
From the main dashboard, click on the edit icon next to the Billing Profile of which you want to update.
A screenshot showing you the location of the edit icon
Once you're at the Billing Profile Settings page, switch to the 'Invoices Contact' tab.
A screenshot showing you the location of the Invoices Contact tab
Once you're finished updating your details, go to the bottom right-hand corner of the page and click Save.
The following video shows you how to update the AP information for a billing profile.
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