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Set up ACH Payments
How to set up Automated Clearing House payments with Cloud Management Platform
You can pay your invoices by using ACH (Automated Clearing House) via the Cloud Management Platform. Please follow the step-by-step instructions on how to set up an ACH Payment for your company.
Required Permissions: Billing Profile Admin
Please note that you must be assigned access to the specific Billing Profile under which the domain is managed in order to purchase a license.
From the main dashboard, click on the edit icon next to the Billing Profile of which you want to update.
A screenshot showing you the location of the edit icon
Once you're at the Billing Profile Settings page, switch to the 'Payment Methods' tab, select 'ACH Payment', and click on 'Link New Account' to link your bank account.
A screenshot showing you the location of the Payment Methods tab, ACH Payment radio button, and Link New Account button

Link Account

We use Plaid ( to perform secure ACH payments authorizations which don't require making small deposits to your account for verification.
A screenshot showing you the initial Plaid modal dialog with a Continue button
Next, choose your bank.
A screenshot of the modal dialog showing you how to select your bank
Then enter the same credentials used for your online banking account.
A screenshot of the modal dialog showing you how to enter your banking credentials
After that, choose either a 'Checking' or 'Saving' account.
A screenshot of the modal dialog showing you the ability to select between a Checking or Savings account
Finally, your bank account details should successfully be linked and saved for future ACH Payments.
A screenshot of the modal dialog showing you the final payment setup form

Pay Invoice with ACH

The saved ACH method will be available when you want to pay for future invoices.
A screenshot showing you a list of saved payment methods
We will automatically initiate ACH debits when your invoice is due. Please note, ACH payments take 4-7 days to process. While processing, the invoice will be shown with the "processing" state.

Manually set up ACH payments

There are some edge cases where our ACH verification process doesn't work properly, such as when you have a Wells Fargo or Bank of America account with two-factor authentication enabled.
To manually set up ACH payments, open a support ticket under the "Billing" category, and provide the following information:
    routing number
    account number
    account holder name
    account holder type (individual or company)
Once we have this information, we will send two small deposits for verification purposes. Typically, these deposits take 1-2 business days to appear on your online statement.
The statement has a description that includes AMTS followed by the two deposit amounts. To validate your bank account information, follow up on the support ticket with this AMTS description once you see the deposits.
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