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Transfer Google Cloud Projects
How to transfer your existing Google Cloud projects to your new billing account with DoiT International


To change the Cloud Billing account for a project, you need to be able to move a project from your existing Cloud Billing account to another Cloud Billing account provided by DoiT International. To accomplish this task, you need permissions adequate to unlink the project from the existing Cloud Billing account AND to link the project to the target Cloud Billing account.
If you have Google Cloud Marketplace subscriptions for any of the below products - please reach out to your DoiT Account Manager - switching billing account for projects that use these products may result in data loss.
The products in question are
    Confluent Apache Kafka on Confluent Cloud
    Neo4j GCP Integration Service (Prod)
    Redis Labs Redis Enterprise Cloud
    Trifacta Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta
    DataStax Astra for Apache Cassandra (Beta)
    Elastic Cloud (managed Elasticsearch Service)
    NetApp, Inc. NetApp Cloud Volumes Service
    MongoDB Atlas

Transferring manually

If you have several dozens of GCP projects or less, the simplest way is to switch billing manually for each of the projects one by one. We've created screenshot-illustrated guide to walk you through.

Bulk Transfer using Wizard

For large amount of projects the manual transfer can be too tedious. To make this process much faster, DoiT International developed a Project Transfer Wizard in the Cloud Management Platform to help you bulk-transfer all of your existing Google Cloud projects to the billing account assigned to you by DoiT International.
Please follow the guide here.
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