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Create Google Billing Account
How to create a Google Cloud Billing Account directly from the Cloud Management Platform.


The Cloud Billing accounts are used to define who pays for a given set of Google Cloud resources and Google Maps Platform APIs. Access control to a Cloud Billing account is established by IAM roles. A Cloud Billing account is connected to a DoiT International billing profile.
Use these instructions to create a Google Cloud Billing Account and link it to your company's billing profile using the Cloud Management Platform.
Required Permissions: Assets Manager
Please note: Your user account must be linked to at least one billing profile in the Cloud Management Platform.

Create a new Billing Account

Start with you logging into the Cloud Management Platform, and select Manage Licenses & Assets from the main dashboard:
A screenshot showing you the location of the Manage Licenses & Assets section
Once you're at the Assets page, switch to the Google Cloud tab and select New Billing Account, located on the right-hand side of the page.
A screenshot showing the location of the New Billing Account button
You will be prompted with a pop-up requesting you to enter your Google Billing Account Name, Billing Profile, and the email addresses of designated Billing Account Administrators.
A screenshot showing the Create Google Cloud Billing Account modal dialog
After a few seconds, you should now see the new billing account:
A screenshot showing the new billing account
Your domain is added as a Billing Account User on the new Billing Accounts you create in the CMP. This allows anyone on the domain to link projects to the billing account.
The following video shows you how to create a Google Cloud Billing Account.
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