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Company Registration
Your first step to start using DoiT International Cloud Management Platform
At DoiT International we want to create a seamless customer experience from the very first touch-point to the post-contract stage, and that's why registering your company through our Cloud Management Platform is an integral part of a successful customer onboarding process.
At some point in your communications with DoiT International's Account Management team, you will receive an e-mail to register your company and complete the form (see example below)
A screenshot of an example email
Click the link in the email to start the sign-in & registration process. You will be brought to the 'New Billing Profile' section of the customer onboarding process where you will fill out your company's information.
A screenshot of the New Billing Profile form
In conclusion, enter your payment method and currency and click 'Submit'.
Please note that there will be a section that requests your billing information. This does not activate billing, it just ensures that once the paperwork is signed, you don’t experience any drop in service.
A screenshot of the payment method form
The following video shows you how to Register your Company.
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