Anomaly Detection
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Your Profile
How to update your user profile on Cloud Management Platform
You can access and edit your user profile to adjust your personal details and/or notifications settings. To access your profile settings, click your profile icon in the upper-right corner of the page header, then select Profile.
A screenshot showing the location of the Profile option
You will be taken to a Profile page, where you'll find the following tabs:
Let's go over what can be configured in each tab.


    First / Last Name
    Job Function
    Phone Number
    Default Dashboard - the default dashboard that appears in your "Home" page whenever you log in.
A screenshot of the Profile tab


This is where you can view your CMP Role (and the associated permissions that come with it) and assign yourself to any Billing Profiles (if you have the Admin role).
A screenshot of the Permissions


You can request to be notified on the following events:
New Invoices - an email will be sent when a new invoice is uploaded to the Cloud Management Platform
Credits Utilization - request to be notified when your credits are 75% exhausted and then again once they have been fully exhausted.
Cloud Quota Utilization - notifies you when you exceed 50% usage of any of your Google Cloud and/or AWS service quotas.
Cost Anomalies - request to be notified when our system detects abnormal usage of your cloud platform (i.e., AWS and/or Google Cloud). Additionally, you can set at which threshold (Information, Warning, Critical) you'd like to be notified.
Payment Due/Overdue - an email will be sent reminding the user to pay the invoice. There are three different instances of when notifications are sent:
    The first reminder is sent seven days before an invoice is due.
    The second reminder is sent four days after the invoice's due date.
    The third reminder is sent 10 days after the invoice's due date.
Cloud Known Issues- get alerted whenever there is an infrastructure issue with Google Cloud and/or AWS that may affect your own workloads.
A screenshot of the Notifications tab

Daily Digest Emails

Selecting one or more attributions from the dropdown will generate a daily cost digest sent to the your user's email address. You will receive one email per attribution selected detailing:
    Previous Day's Cost
    Month to date Cost (Sum costs accrued in the current month)
    Cost Trend ( Current Month Cost to date / Previous month costs to same date in previous month)
    Forecasted current month cost
Email will be sent at 6:00 UTC.


This is where you go to generate your API key in order to programmatically access several CMP features.
After you generate your key, copy and store it somewhere handy, as we won't show it again after you leave the API page.
A screenshot of the API tab
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