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FlexSave for AWS Overview
How to maximize your EC2 discounts without any commitments


FlexSave helps you maximize EC2 discounts with minimal-to-no commitments.
In order to use FlexSave, your AWS account/s must be consolidated with DoiT International billing organization. DoiT International is a global AWS Advanced Channel Reseller.
Required Permissions: FlexSave Admin Default roles with this permission: Power User, Admin


FlexSave automates the management of AWS Reserved Instances and Saving Plans so that you realize the largest possible EC2 savings without having to make any commitments.
FlexSave works by performing a sophisticated, AI-based analysis of your AWS workloads and identifies the ideal blend of Reserved Instances, automatically applying it to your account/s.
Navigate to FlexSave by clicking its icon on the left-hand navigation panel.
A screenshot showing the location of the FlexSave menu item
From the FlexSave page, you'll see a preview of your team's potential savings for the following month if you enable FlexSave.
Click "START SAVING" to turn it on.
A screenshot showing the location of the START SAVING button
After enabling FlexSave, you'll see your FlexSave Dashboard which displays important insights into your FlexSave savings.
Let's go over the elements of your FlexSave Dashboard:
A screenshot of an example FlexSave dashboard

FlexSave Dashboard

Your FlexSave Dashboard has three widgets, which displays $ savings resulting from using FlexSave:
    Current month's savings rate (%): Savings from FlexSave expressed as $ saved / pre-FlexSave on-demand spend
    Current month's savings ($): FlexSave savings expressed in absolute dollars saved.
    Current month's net on-demand spend: On-demand spend after subtracting FlexSave savings.
If you've never previously used FlexSave or purchased Flexible Reserved Instances through the DoiT CMP, the "Last month's savings" widget will not appear during the first month you use FlexSave.

Adjusting Time Ranges

By default, the three widgets in your FlexSave Dashboard display data for the current month.
You may adjust the time range by clicking in the dropdown under "Time range" as shown below, and selecting a different time interval.
A screenshot showing the location of the Time range drop-down
Finally, your FlexSave Dashboard contains a stacked-column chart displaying FlexSave savings and net on-demand EC2 spend from previous months, your current month, and a forecast of both for the next month.
Columns displaying data for the current and previous months are broken down into two parts:
    Savings: Your $ savings realized from using FlexSave
    Net on-demand spend: Your on-demand EC2 spend, net of savings realized from using FlexSave
Historical data will only show up if you've previously used FlexSave, or if you purchased Flexible Reserved Instances through the DoiT CMP in the past.
The column displaying data for the next month contains two parts as well:
    Forecasted savings: Anticipated savings assuming you continue to use FlexSave, based on AI analysis of your AWS workloads.
    Forecasted net on-demand spend: Anticipated on-demand EC2 spend, net of the forecasted savings from using FlexSave

Disabling FlexSave

If you prefer to turn off FlexSave, click on the vertical ellipsis in the top-right corner of the FlexSave page. Then select "Disable FlexSave".
A screenshot showing the location of the Disable FlexSave option
A confirmation pop-up will appear, explaining that FlexSave will continue to generate savings until the end of the month.
Click "Disable" to turn off FlexSave.
A screenshot of the Disable FlexSave modal dialog with a Disable button

FlexSave Invoices

In your monthly bill you'll see a line item with the following details in your invoice:
    Description: FlexSave Savings
    Details: DoiT FlexSave Savings
    Units: -1
    PPU: {{Your monthly savings}}
The dollar amount displayed under "PPU" will be subtracted from your overall EC2 spend.
A screenshot of an example FlexSave invoice
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