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Activate Flexsave for Google Cloud Platform

Provide payment information

To activate Flexsave, you first need to set up your billing:

  1. Provide the payment information as indicated on the page, including:

    • Billing address: Billing address of your organization
    • Company details: Company name and registration number (Tax ID)
    • Contact details: Accounts payable details
    • Payments: Payment method and currency
  2. Select CONFIRM PAYMENT INFORMATION to create your billing profile

Upon completion, you will be taken to back to the Flexsave for GCP screen:

Here you can:

  • Select the VIEW button to check your payment information.
  • Select the SET UP FLEXSAVE button to continue the activation process.

Set up Flexsave

After selecting SET UP FLEXSAVE, you will be presented with the DoiT International Flexsave Agreement.

To proceed with Flexsave activation, you must read the agreement text in full, complete the short accompanying form (two checkboxes), and select CONFIRM AGREEMENT.

Provide access to activate Flexsave GCP

Perform the following tasks to complete the activation:

  1. Enable discount sharing from the Google Cloud console.


    By default, committed use discounts are applied at the project level. Flexsave works by attaching projects with CUDs to your Cloud Billing account. For Flexsave to be able to share the discount with your own projects, you need to turn on committed use discount sharing.


    It can take up to 24 hours for a new commitment scope to take effect. Flexsave will wait for the new commitment scope to take effect before attaching any CUDs.

  2. When you return to the Flexsave sign-up flow, be sure to select the I have confirm that I have enabled discount sharing checkbox.

  3. Provide the location of your billing data, including:

    The code snippets will be updated automatically once the relevant information is provided.

  4. Open the Google Cloud Shell, copy the command code snippets and run them in sequence in the shell.

    1. Grant DoiT service account BigQuery Data Viewer role on the dataset that contains your billing data.

      bq show --format=prettyjson $DATASET_ID |
      jq '.access = .access + [{"role": "READER", "userByEmail": "$DoiT_service_account_email"}]' \

      bq update --source permissions.json $DATASET_ID
    2. Grant DoiT service account permission to attach projects with optimal CUDs to your Cloud Billing account.

      gcloud iam roles update doit_flexsave_role \
      --organization=$ORG_ID \
      --title="DoiT Flexsave Role" \
      --stage=GA \

      The command above updates the DoiT Flexsave Role, which was created when setting up your estimate and is associated with the DoiT service account, to add the following permissions:

      Allows to fetch your billing account name
      Allows to import your billing tables
      Allows to attach projects to your billing account

Once activated, Flexsave will start processing your information and building an optimization plan. The whole process may take up to 24 hours. You'll be notified by email when it's completed.