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Flexsave for Google Cloud Platform

DoiT Flexsave helps businesses manage and optimize their on-demand Google Cloud compute savings. This solution can be deployed in your own environment to help ensure that on-demand compute workloads can be covered by Committed Use Discounts without the challenges of commitment management or forecasting.

Flexsave delivers the equivalent savings of a 1-year commitment without the commitment! There's no reservation management needed, no costs to enable, and guaranteed savings on all covered workloads.


Supported commitment types

Flexsave supports:

Flexsave doesn't support:




These frequently asked questions (FAQs) apply to Flexsave for GCP.

For platform-agnostic information, see:

What changes should I expect to see in my Google Cloud Console?

You should expect to see:

  • Commitment scope set to Billing account
  • Projects with 3-year committed use discounts and names like doitintl-fs-xxxxxxx attached to your billing account

The commitments will apply committed use discounts across all eligible usage (all projects) associated with this billing account when enabling the billing account scope.

How soon after enabling Flexsave should I expect to see the savings?

You should expect to see savings within 72 hours.

Why aren't my Savings showing up?

Savings always show with a three-day delay. For example, if today was the 23rd day of the month, your Savings will be accurate to the 20th. At the beginning of a new month, the Savings will show on the 4th day of the month.

Can I use Flexsave if I already use CUDs or Sustained Use Discounts (SUDs)?

Absolutely. Flexsave works exclusively with your on-demand compute usage and excludes anything already covered by an existing discount.

Any resources that do not qualify for committed use discounts automatically qualify for sustained use discounts. You can't combine committed use discounts and sustained use discounts for the same resources.

Can I use Flexsave with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)?

Flexsave can provide CUD discounts for GKE nodes that use the Google Compute Engine (GCE) pricing model. However, we cannot provide CUD discounts for GKE Autopilot Mode.

I have a special pricing plan on my GCP account. Can I still use Flexsave, and will it impact my existing savings?

Flexsave can still work with your account and will provide savings in addition to the discounts from your pricing plan.

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If you have additional questions about Flexsave, please contact our support team.