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Exporting Cloud Analytics reports

You have four options when exporting your Cloud Analytics reports:

  • Export as PNG
  • Export as PDF
  • Export to Google Sheets
  • Export to CSV

Required Permissions: Cloud Analytics

Ways to export Cloud Analytics reports‚Äč

Here's an example report:

  • For PNG or PDF exports, click on the hamburger menu in the top-right corner of the report visualization (directly below the Timezone dropdown at the top of the visualization) and select the format you want.

  • To export to Google Sheets or CSV, select the View As dropdown (along the top of the visualization) and select the "Sheets Export" or "CSV Export" options, respectively. (Both options appear at the very bottom of the menu.)

    • If this is your first time exporting a Cloud Report to Google Sheets, you will be asked to give CMP permission to create Google Drive files. Once you've selected your email account, select Export to view your Cloud Report in Google Sheets.

    • If you select the CSV option, a large textbox will be opened with the full contents of the CSV file, ready to be copied.