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Invite an existing AWS account

You can add existing AWS accounts to DoiT International's consolidated billing using the Cloud Management Platform.


Required Permission: Licenses Manager

You need access to the Billing Profile that manages the domain.

Invite an existing account

To invite an existing account:

  1. Log in to the CMP, select Billing from the top navigation bar, and then select Assets.

  2. Select Amazon Web Services from the Assets list.

  3. Select Invite account and provide the necessary information.

    • Select the billing profile you would like to invite.

    • Enter the 12-digit AWS Account ID.

    • Add invitation notes (optional).

  4. Select Invite.

    You should then receive an email from Amazon Web Services with a link to accept the invitation. If you haven't received the email in five minutes, re-enter your AWS Account ID in the CMP and send the invitation again.

To complete the process:

  1. Sign in to the AWS Organizations Console.

    Your open invitations to join organizations are shown on the Invitations page.

  2. Accept the invitation.

    You will be redirected to the Organization overview page with details about the organization that your account has joined, including the organization's ID and the owner's email address.

Multiple accounts under a management account

If you have multiple accounts under a management account (formerly known as master account), you will get an error trying to accept the invitation. To solve the problem, you need to remove the linked AWS accounts from your management account (see AWS documentation for more information).

For each linked account:

  1. Leave the organization (no new invitation will appear before you finish this step).


    You'll be prompted to enter payment details for the account if you haven't done so.

  2. Accept the invitation from DoiT International.

Complete IAM Access for CloudHealth

After accepting the invitation in the AWS Console, you'll receive a final email about how to complete the IAM access for CloudHealth. See also Set up CloudHealth.


Why should I use the CMP for cost analytics when Amazon provides the AWS Cost Explorer?

When you consolidate with the DoiT International billing organization, the AWS Cost Explorer can only report on blended rates and costs, while the CMP's reporting and analytics features work directly with your non-blended cost data.

If you have a dedicated billing account (i.e., non-consolidated), you can use the AWS Cost Explorer with un-blended costs. However, we still recommend that you refer to the CMP for a fully integrated reporting and analytics experience.

I've performed all the requested steps and have spends on my AWS billing account, why my information is still not there?

It takes 2472 hours for the data to start flowing through from AWS, then our Cloud Management Platform will update.

I haven't received any invitation email. What could have gone wrong?

Sign in to the AWS Organizations Console, see if there are invitations on your organization's page.

  • If there are no invitations, check if your account have left your organization as described at Multiple accounts under a management account.

  • If you can see the invitation on the organization's page, consider the following:

    • Is the invitation in your spam folder?
    • Did you enter the correct AWS account ID when inviting the account?

If you still have issues, please open a support ticket.

My payer account is showing as N/A or my CloudHealth status shows as "critical" or "unknown". What does that mean?

It means that your CloudHealth is not configured properly, which has the following consequences:

  • The CMP is not able to properly reflect your reservation data, and you cannot use the Flexsave and Spot Scaling services.
  • You will not be able to run reports on this asset due to the fact that no data is flowing to the CMP.

Please open a support ticket.

I've invited an existing AWS account. When will it appear in the CMP?

The account will appear in the CMP after the DoiT operations team finishes onboarding the account in DoiT systems, and the account needs to have at least one resource with some spend.

It usually takes 2448 hours for the account to appear in the CMP.

I want historical backfill. What should I do?

We support backfill of historical data on dedicated payer accounts. See Backfill historical CUR for details.

Why do my Cloud Analytics reports not match the figures reported by the AWS Cost Explorer?

Your sales representative and Technical Account Manager (TAM) will guide you through the consolidated billing process when you first sign up, including the differences between the AWS Cost Explorer and CMP Cloud Analytics reports.


Please contact support if you notice anything unusual or unexpected about the figures you see in the AWS Cost Explorer or your CMP Cloud Analytics reports.