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Create an AWS account

As a customer, you can create a new AWS account directly from the Cloud Management Platform.


You must be assigned access to the specific Billing Profile under which the domain is managed in order to create a new account.


You will see an OrganizationAccountAccessRole in the new AWS account. This role is created by AWS and links back to the parent account. When creating the account we will use this role to create the CloudHealth IAM Role. The CMP or DoiT International will not use this role afterwards and you will have to manually remove this role from your account

Within the CMP, select Billing from the top navigation bar and then select Assets. The CMP will take you to the Assets page.

From the Assets page, select Amazon Web Services from the left-hand menu:

From the Amazon Web Services assets page, select the arrow next to the Invite Account button, then select Create Account from the drop-down menu that appears. Finally, select the button a second time (which should now read Create Account).

The CMP will open a modal dialog:


  1. Choose the billing profile for the account
  2. Chose a name for the account
  3. Set the root email

When you are done, select Create.

The CMP will display a confirmation message:

The CMP will send you an email with further instructions. For example:

The following video walks you through the whole process:

Please get in touch with our support team if you require further assistance.