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Share and Download Cloud Analytics Reports
Share and collaborate on Cloud Analytics Reports with your peers and team members.

1) Sharing Cloud Analytics Reports

Note: If you're new to Cloud Reports and/or haven't created a Cloud Report yet, we recommend reading our post on Creating Cloud Reports before reading further.
Before discussing how to share a Cloud Report, let's briefly review roles and permissions.

Available Sharing Permissions

    Viewer: Sees the report in "read-only" mode. Can only modify "Metric" and the chart type.
    Editor: Can modify all settings of a Cloud Report, and share the report with others.

How to share a report

To share a Cloud Report with your team, click the "Share" button on your report's page.
A screenshot showing the location of the Share icon
This will open a pop-up that will give you two options when sharing:
    Give everyone on your team Viewer access.
    Explicitly give someone from your team Viewer or Editor Access.
Once you've entered the email(s) of who you're sharing your Cloud Report with, click "Add" and then hit "Save" to apply your changes.
A screenshot showing the location of the Share Report modal dialog
Once a report is shared, the recipient(s) will receive an email that looks like this:
A screenshot showing an invitation email

Editing a user's role

To change a user's role, make them the owner of the report, or remove them from the report, click on the dropdown next to their email in the Share Report pop-up. From there, make a selection and click "Save" to apply the changes.
A screenshot showing the Share Report modal dialog

2) Downloading Cloud Analytics Reports**

In Cost Analytics > Reports, once you have saved your report you can download it, following these steps:
1) Click on this icon on the side:
A screenshot showing the Download icon
2) Choose between "Export to CSV" and "Export to Google Sheets"
An animated screenshot showing the export options menu
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